KAIMAI™ Rifle Suppressors have been designed in consultation with gunsmiths and firearms experts from NZ, Europe and the USA. We have used advances in design manufacturing from related industries, to produce a range of new rifle suppressors that are not only relatively light weight, but durable and very effective at doing their main task – to reduce gunshot sound signature. Having learned from others mistakes, our intention was to overcome some of the design flaws or shortcomings of common lightweight suppressor designs.

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Materials and Workmanship Warranty – 2 years. Terms of Fair Trading Act (1986) apply. Terms of Consumer Guarantees Act (1993) apply.

Warranty does not cover: Normal wear & tear, Damage from using goods for a purpose for which they were not designed, Damage from neglect or careless storage, Damage from having unauthorised repairs carried out.

Kaimai® Suppressors/Silencers should only be fitted to your rifle by suitably qualified, or trained gunsmiths. Kaimai® accepts no liability or warranty for any work (or damage resulting) from unauthorised third parties.

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Most centerfire suppressors are custom-assembled to meet your calibre/thread/length requirements. Some common thread/calibre requests may be in stock and available immediately or within a few days after receipt of payment. In some instances there may be a lead-time of 1-2 weeks if we are currently out of stock of some components. Some orders may take longer if it is a less-popular thread size.

For online orders our flat rate shipping fee is $10.00 nationwide. This applies whether you want only one item or several items combined on the same order. All Kaimai® suppressors are supplied in custom-designed cardboard boxes, and if any other accessory items are ordered at the same time (such as rear bushing holder/jig, spare rear bushings, thread caps or suppressor covers) we will pack these securely in the same box if possible.

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Frequently asked questions

What do sound suppressors do?
There are four noises which make up the “boom” one hears when shooting a firearm. The first is the action noise (i.e.: the hammer hitting the firing pin, the slide/bolt cycling, gas escaping though the ejection port). The second is the bullet flight noise. If the projectile travels faster than t... Read Full Answer
What are sound suppressors used for?
Silencers are “hearing protection” that attaches to your firearm, not unlike a muffler on an automobile.

OSH limits impulsive or impact noise at 140dB peak sound pressure. “Hearing Safe” in the Firearms Industry refers to a gunshot that produces less than 140dB peak pressure... Read Full Answer
Who would want to use a sound suppressor and why?
A silenced firearm is eminently more enjoyable to shoot than one without a silencer. Silencers generally increase the accuracy of a host firearm while reducing recoil and eliminating a significant amount of the muzzle signature. Shooters are able to concentrate more on breath control and trigger pul... Read Full Answer

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Ti-TEN™ AR Suppressor

NZ$525 includes GST (flat rate shipping cost is additional)

*** Sorry this model is currently out of stock***

Online ordering update:  From July 2020, recent firearms law changes which have now come into force state that mail-order sales of some firearm “parts”  (such as suppressors) now require a Police Mail Order form (43a) to be completed by the purchaser, and be taken in to their local Arms Officer or Police station, where they will sight your license. We must receive a copy of the approval from your local Arms Officer (by email) before we can ship any “parts” or accessories directly to you by courier or tracked post.  Alternatively we may be able to send it out C/- another licensed firearm dealer near you who is a member of the independent ‘Firearms Dealer Network’, and you can simply pickup from their shop.  We acknowledge that this is an unfortunate and rather pointless inconvenience for both yourselves and us, but this is the reality of what happens when the political bobble-heads in Wellington try to ‘improve’ things. Otherwise we may have to shut down the online ordering platform on the website if it is no longer viable.  ( Suppressor sales/fitting is still available directly form D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing in Tauranga.)


Titanium tube / Tennalum® containment baffles / Stainless steel diffuser-brake and baffle cone inserts – this hybrid suppressor has been designed to handle low-to-moderate rates of fire on A-cat and E-cat AR15 rifles, chambered in .223rem/5.56×45, .300 Blackout, 6.8SPC, or 7.62x39mm.

Essentially an upgraded version of our TARGET model, designed to fit milspec pre-threaded AR (or other) barrels in ½-28 or 5/8-24 thread options. This muzzle-can/muzzle-forward type suppressor features a self-tightening design stainless steel threaded diffuser-brake section, a longer secondary blast baffle and mid-baffle cone inserts to prevent premature wear from the high flame temperature and gas cutting effect of shorter barrels. The Grade 9 Titanium tube provides increased strength at higher temperatures, but the high-strength Tennalum® and 7000 series aluminium alloys used in the component bodies dictate that we must keep the recommended maximum service temperature to below 160°C to avoid the risk of altering the temper (or rated strength) of these parts. (Temperature measurement devices housed inside the suppressor record the maximum operating temperature for warranty purposes.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This suppressor is primarily designed so you can use your AR rifle for hunting purposes, or other applications of low-to-moderate rates of fire. It is specifically not designed or intended for shooting high rates of fire, 30-round mag dumps (…..or cooking bacon on ! )  Deliberately overheating of the suppressor above 160°C may damage the internal aluminium components, and void the warranty cover. Due to the strength of the Titanium tube however, the suppressor can be rebuilt if required.

* A crush washer must not be used with these suppressors – crush washers may cause misalignment issues and baffle strike to occur, and will void the warranty. 

Recommended maximum rate of fire (guideline only) for this model is up to 35 aimed shots of .223Rem ammo at equi-spaced intervals over a 6 minute period. (i.e. 5x 7-round A-cat magazines.) Let the suppressor cool to the touch (below 40°c) before continuing or removing the suppressor from your rifle. Beware that above 70°C you risk burning yourself from direct skin contact with the suppressor body. Above 90°C the ability of any suppressor to effectively ‘suppress’ and cool the gases becomes compromised. We recommend not heating your suppressor beyond a tolerable ‘touch/hold temperature’ if possible, as this will provide the best performance and longer life span or before service is required.

We now are able to provide Tela-temp colour-coded temperature indicator stickers if required.  By attaching one of these stickers to the outer surface of the suppressor tube the user can quickly and easily monitor the operating temperature of the suppressor if doing a lot of firing, thus eliminating any guesswork . (See our accessories section.)

Adjustable gas block: usually recommended to be fitted to any centerfire semi-auto rifle if you intend firing ‘suppressed’ regularly or predominantly. Fitting any decent efficient suppressor to a semi/AR type rifle will hold the chamber pressure higher for longer. This can cause what is commonly termed ‘over-gassing’ of the system, and the associated problems of gas-spit from the ejection port and past the charger handle towards the shooter, as well as over-vigorous extraction and cycling. An adjustable gas block allows you to restrict/regulate the gas impulse so that the action just cycles reliably for a given load and barrel length, with or without the suppressor fitted. This can also reduce recoil and premature parts wear or damage.



  • 7“ long, Ø 1 ¾ “ (44mm).  Weight (approximate): 410 grams.
  • Calibres: .223 REM to .300BLK, 6.8SPC, 7.62 x 39mm, etc.  (non-magnum centerfire).
  • Small Thread Options: ½”- 28 or 5/8-24.
  • Stainless steel muzzle brake absorbs the brunt of gas blast as it exits the muzzle, redirecting 70% – 80% of the gas flow into the primary expansion chamber.  Self-tightening design – extremely important feature for muzzle-can units.
  • 7000 series aluminium alloy mid-baffles (hard-coat anodised) feature proprietary design stainless steel blast cone inserts for improved durability and gas flow redirection.
  • Ti-TEN™ AR (muzzle-can) model features 8 stages of gas attenuation, to provide better internal turbulence and suppression. Mainly intended for small to medium volume cases for hunting or varmint shooting.
  • High quality fit and finish.  Excellent concentricity of threads, etc.
  • Improved pressure vessel design – (O.D. threaded outer tube.  As internal pressure increases the joins tighten.  Exhaustive testing without any Loctite on joins, showed no leaking.  Unlike some competitors products that can tube-swell and leak at the threaded/Loctited ends, the only reason that Kaimai®-Hybrid™ Suppressors are Loctited on the end-caps is to prevent un-authorised disassembly.)
  • Full length of suppressor is forward of muzzle, keeping heat reservoir off the barrel, allowing barrel and suppressor to cool quicker.
  • Single point mount (threaded).  Ideal for very heavy barrel profiles, or sporting rifles which are fitted with open sights or very long forend free-float tube (which can’t accommodate over-barrel models to be fitted).
  • A black neoprene cover/sleeve is included with all new Kaimai® centerfire suppressors at no extra cost.  Additional sleeves are available for purchase if the sleeve becomes worn or damaged (see accessories section).
  • We now supply at least 1 Tela-temp indicator sticker free with all Ti-TEN AR suppressors.


No Export Sales – all sales are for domestic NZ only.

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