As well as our online store, Kaimai®™ suppressors and accessories are available for purchase from licensed firearm dealers and gunsmiths, as an option for those customers who prefer to deal with their local service providers.


D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing Services

Welcome Bay, Tauranga.
Phone: 07 544-2207

About D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing Services:

Retail sales, fitting/installation service.



All good Independent gunshops, sports shops, or licensed firearms dealers/gunsmiths can supply Kaimai® products – if your local shop or gunsmith does not have our products in stock, please ask them to contact us to enquire about obtaining a sample or demonstration model.

(We are aware that some larger stores may try to sell you one of their “house brand” suppressors or another established brand which they may make a bigger margin on.  If you feel that you are being mis-informed or being down-sold to another product, then please contact us directly instead for an honest assessment or recommendation for your requirements.)