KAIMAI™ Rifle Suppressors have been designed in consultation with gunsmiths and firearms experts from NZ, Europe and the USA. We have used advances in design manufacturing from related industries, to produce a range of new rifle suppressors that are not only relatively light weight, but durable and very effective at doing their main task – to reduce gunshot sound signature. Having learned from others mistakes, our intention was to overcome some of the design flaws or shortcomings of common lightweight suppressor designs.

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Materials and Workmanship Warranty – 2 years. Terms of Fair Trading Act (1986) apply. Terms of Consumer Guarantees Act (1993) apply.

Warranty does not cover: Normal wear & tear, Damage from using goods for a purpose for which they were not designed, Damage from neglect or careless storage, Damage from having unauthorised repairs carried out.

Kaimai® Suppressors/Silencers should only be fitted to your rifle by suitably qualified, or trained gunsmiths. Kaimai® accepts no liability or warranty for any work (or damage resulting) from unauthorised third parties.

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Most centerfire suppressors are custom-assembled to meet your calibre/thread/length requirements. Some common thread/calibre requests may be in stock and available immediately or within a few days after receipt of payment. In some instances there may be a lead-time of 1-2 weeks if we are currently out of stock of some components. Some orders may take longer if it is a less-popular thread size.

For online orders our flat rate shipping fee is $10.00 nationwide. This applies whether you want only one item or several items combined on the same order. All Kaimai® suppressors are supplied in custom-designed cardboard boxes, and if any other accessory items are ordered at the same time (such as rear bushing holder/jig, spare rear bushings, thread caps or suppressor covers) we will pack these securely in the same box if possible.

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Frequently asked questions

What do sound suppressors do?
There are four noises which make up the “boom” one hears when shooting a firearm. The first is the action noise (i.e.: the hammer hitting the firing pin, the slide/bolt cycling, gas escaping though the ejection port). The second is the bullet flight noise. If the projectile travels faster than t... Read Full Answer
What are sound suppressors used for?
Silencers are “hearing protection” that attaches to your firearm, not unlike a muffler on an automobile.

OSH limits impulsive or impact noise at 140dB peak sound pressure. “Hearing Safe” in the Firearms Industry refers to a gunshot that produces less than 140dB peak pressure... Read Full Answer
Who would want to use a sound suppressor and why?
A silenced firearm is eminently more enjoyable to shoot than one without a silencer. Silencers generally increase the accuracy of a host firearm while reducing recoil and eliminating a significant amount of the muzzle signature. Shooters are able to concentrate more on breath control and trigger pul... Read Full Answer

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Liquid Crystal Thermometer stickers

NZ$24 includes GST (flat rate shipping cost is additional)

The black windows change color for continuous visual monitoring of the surface temperatures from -22°F TO 248°F (-30°C TO 120°C). The windows turn to ‘Green’ to indicate the temperature reached.

Telatemp reversible liquid crystal thermometers signify the current temperature by the green indication. If green is not visible, the temperature will be midway between the indicators that are illuminated tan and blue. The colors are seen in reverse order as the temperature cools – back to ‘black’.

These adhesive-backed liquid crystal thermometers have many real-world applications that include room or refrigerator thermometers, body temperatures, optimum processing or operating temperatures, hot warning labels, thermal profiling, etc.

We have found that they work well when fitted to the suppressor outer tube, the rear end retaining cap, or to the rifle barrel to get an indication of temperature at that point. When applied to the suppressor this allows the shooter to proactively monitor and manage the temperature of the suppressor, especially if fitted to semi-auto rifles (AR15, etc.) or for commercial pest control applications on bolt action rifles.

Kaimai® stocks and supplies the 30°C to 90°C reversible temp-sensor stickers, sold in packs of 3 stickers. ( $24.00 per pack of 3. Flat rate or shared shipping cost is additional. 1 sticker is supplied free with Ti-TEN AR suppressors. )


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